no dawn, no day, i'm always in this twilight
hello:) i'm jacqueline. my passions in life are music, books, movies, friends, nature, and anything else that catches my eye. i love lady gaga, my chemical romance, fall out boy, nicki minaj, a day to remember, the academy is..., and plenty more. this is me, just taking life one day at a time.


lulz haven’t been on tumblr in forevs but maybe i’ll come back for good this time? let’s see:)



so like if a person went to the store to buy hemorrhoid cream or something they could just buy a birthday card with it and be like “nah man it’s for my friend, her birthday is tomorrow and she loves this stuff”

24 is true

tho in my case they contacted ME

best voucher for 1p i ever received.


ah yes just what I wanted to hear


ah yes just what I wanted to hear


there’s a mosquito bite on my butt and I would be mad but who can blame the little guy

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